Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keira Knightley Not Refuse Intimate Scenes

Artist Keira Knightley claimed never reject the scenario that demanded for love or intimate scenes with co-star actor.

That, for him, has become the consequences and risks that must be a professional actress. After all, Knigthley feel, if he do intimate scenes on the set, the crew still appreciate it as an artist and keep his good name.
In order to give comfort, cast the movie 'Never Let Me Go' is also often discuss and express its wishes during the filming took place. "I will honestly express what I want. To be created between the cast and crew comfort, "says Knightley, as quoted by Contact Music.
The 25-year actress also had a chance to tell him often mocked and scorned as a movie audition as a child. No doubt, Knightley often feel different than the kids his age first. "I often feel isolated and has no friends," he told the Daily Telegraph.